Cream O’ the Croft Funduro

The first Muckmedden event of the year, and the second Cream O’ the Croft. In one of my favorite mini trail centers. Comrie Croft have worked magic on the land that they have, which has resulted in one of the most mixed bag funduro there is.

After a long climb to the highest point, which was most definitely a good warm up for the legs, this year consisted of two red cross country trails, and one blue descent. Never underestimate a good blue trail. The Comrie Croft blue is one of the most fun trails i know. Another slog to the top of the hill resulted this time in the red downhill descent, dropping in to the skills area where the skills challenge was held. Two laps of the pump track, with penalties for any pedal strokes. This was one area I noticed I have definitely improved on this year and completed easily. A sneaky climb stage at this point in the day resulted in a lot of sweat and cursing (we all know climbs are not my strong point). This time we were on to the black downhill trail. This one often results in a few flat tiers but I got out of it cleanly. The last two stages were duel slalom making the most of the lower blue freeride, with big berms and tabletops. Racing once on either side, the fun really makes you forget what a long ride it has been.


The one thing that Cream O’ the Croft has over other races is that the trails are all so varied you can never guess who is going the fastest. The XC people have two red trails to excel on, the Tourer’s treat the climbs like they are nothing, the Downhill riders race down the black and red like its a water slide, and the freestyle and BMX riders show their skills on the pump track and duel slalom. This makes it impossible to guess who is likely to win.

This is the second time I have raced the Cream O’ the Croft. I managed a 2nd place in 2015, however the second year of the event has meant some much tougher opposition, but I was still happy to be able to take 3rd place, and my first podium finish of the year.